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Tuesday, 29 September 2009 22:50

Nolands Cape Schools Cricket Week



Despite some inclement weather leading up to this long-running cricket festival, as well as on days 2 and 3, the vast majority of the games were played and completed, with just the second innings of day 2 being washed out and the second innings of just two games on day 3 being washed out.

Sponsored by Nolands auditing firm and hosted by Bishops, this 43rdedition of the Cape Schools Week produced some excellent cricket and excellent results. This year it was the turn of the schools from the western Cape to have the edge over their Eastern Cape counterparts, with Bishops and Wynberg winning 3 of their games, with the other one being washed out. Grey HS and St Andrew's College were the most successful Eastern Cape Schools, with Grey drawing their first three games (two because of rain) and then beating SACS on the last day; and St Andrew's beat SACS and Rondebosch, lost to Wynberg and had their game with Paul Roos abandoned after just one innings. Paul Roos, making their fifth appearance at the festival, also did very well in winning two and drawing two of their games.

The festival opened on the evening of Thursday 24 September, with a cocktail function and a welcoming address by Geoff Kieswetter (Master-in-Charge of cricket at Bishops and the festival organiser ) and an informative and entertaining address by Bishops parent and OD and former Western Province and Proteas star, Adrian Kuiper.

Below are brief reports on the events of each of the following days, followed by the abbreviated scoresheets. For the record, Imraan Hendricks of Bishops won the batting prize (238 runs) and Ryan Dugmore of St Andrew's won the bowling prize (10 wickets).

Day 1     (Friday 25 September)

Hosts Bishops got off to a flying start by beating Union HS from Graff-Reinet by 129 runs, with Siya Simetu doing well with both bat and ball, scoring his first half-century (57) and taking his umpteenth 5-wicket haul (5/19). There were also comfortable victories for Paul Roos over Queen's and St Andrew's over SACS (both by 6 wickets), and a 16-run win for Wynberg over Selborne in a low-scoring game. St Alban's probably batted for too long in their drawn game with Grey, but the draw between Rondebosch and Dale was a thrilling affair. Having been in big trouble, Dale clawed their way to a commendable 175; and Rondebosch got to within 3 runs of victory with 9 wickets down. Ryna Dugmore (captain of St Andrew's) had a fine double against SACS, taking 5/40 and then scoring 50.

Day 2     (Saturday 26 September)

The rain that was forecast for today duly arrived just after lunch-time and put an end to the day's proceedings in no uncertain fashion! Pitches were hastily covered and battened down, and an abrupt end to some promising encounters was the sorry result. However, before the rain came James Crowson of Bishops had stroked his way to a fine 64 against Queen's, and Matthew Brache of Rondebosch had done likewise in scoring 63* in their game against Union, receiving good support from the consistent Aidan Morris (55).

Day 3 (Sunday 27 September)

With the grounds staff working overtime at Bishops, Rondebosch, SACS and Wynberg all six matches were able to be played after making late starts and after being reduced to shortened versions of the game. Unfortunately, an unexpected squall out of the south-east brought an abrupt end to the games between Grey and Union at Bishops and between Paul Roos and St Alban's at Wynberg, not because of wet pitches but because of absolutely waterlogged outfields! Unfortunately, the game between Rondebosch and Queen's ended in a tame draw as the latter opted to try to squeeze in a declaration game instead of agreeing to a limited-overs game. Despite the shortness of the game, Rondebosch were just 28 runs shy of the Queen's total of 148 and still had 6 wickets intact when bad light stopped play. There were comfortable wins for Bishops, SACS and Wynberg, though, over Dale, Selborne and St Andrew's respectively. Top score of the day was a fine 90 by Keelan Gossayn of St Alban's, while bowling honours went to Dewald Keulder for his 5/23 against Queen's.

Day 4 (Monday 28 September)

Bright, sunny skies and a cold south-easter heralded the start of the final day of the festival and all six games were duly played and fiercely contested. Bishops beat Selborne, St Alban's beat Dale, Paul Roos beat Union, St Andrew's beat Rondebosch, Grey beat SACS and Wynberg beat Queen's on a day that saw Imraan Hendricks of Bishops and David White of Grey falling just four runs short of what should have been well-deserved centuries; whilst Colin Ackerman of Grey returned the best bowling figures of the festival (6/35 - this after having scored a fine 85 in the Grey innings. Other bowlers to shine on the day were David Bunn of St Alban's, who took 5/12 in his team's win over Dale, and Kirk Wernars, the SACS captain, who took 4/47 in the losing cause against Grey.

The festival was concluded with a prize-giving ceremony at Bishops. Here prizes were awarded to the top runs-scorer (Imraan Hendricks of Bishops) and the top wicket-taker (Ryan Dugmore of St Andrew's). A Black Widow bat was the first prize in a raffle draw, and eleven other prizes were awarded as part of the raffle. Alan Keet (CEO of Nolands) presented the prizes and then closed proceedings by telling the audience what a pleasure it had been for Nolands to be involved and how impressed he was with the events over the course of the festival.


Abbreviated Scorecards

Friday 25 September

Bishops beat Union by 129 runs

Bishops 200/7 dec.          (Simetu 57; Tissiman 37; Crowson 30; Elkin 25; Hendricks 25; Rubidge 3/34; Mdingi 2/47)

Union 71                              (Hobson 19; Simetu 5/19; Hamman 3/15; Golding 2/16)

Paul Roos beat Queen's by 6 wickets

Queen's 81                         (Erasmus 4/12; Marais 2/6; Bester 2/27)

Paul Roos 82/4                  (D Swanepoel 33*; K Swanepoel 17*)

Grey and St Alban's drew

St Alban's 189/8 dec.      (Richards 64; Bunn 45; Ferreira 26; Clarke 4/49)

Grey 116/6                          (Ackerman 32; Daniels 28; Moore 21; Volschenk 3/31)

Rondebosch and Dale drew

Dale 175                               (Mtembu 55; Twaku 33; Nqolo 30; Rippon 3/63; Van Breda 2/23; Zeeman 2/20)

Rondebosch 173/9          (Aidan Morris 48; Keulder 25*; Mtembu 3/30; Calana 2/16)

St Andrew's beat SACS by 6 wickets

SACS 120                              (Levetan 29; Wernars 21; Raa 20; Dugmore 5/40; De la Fargue 2/12; Austin 2/39)

St Andrew's 121/4           (Dugmore 50; Delport 42; O'Mahony 20*; Wernars 2/21)


Wynberg beat Selborne by 16 runs

Wynberg                             (Sage 29; Christian 18; Thorp 2/14; Jones 2/16; Shean 2/16; Killeen 2/24)

Selborne                             (Craniey 21; Killeen 12; Garder 4/20; Fransman 2/9)

Saturday 26 September

Bishops vs Queen's - rain stopped play

Bishops 184/4                    (Crowson 64*; Hendricks 48; Tissiman 39; Stanley 2/35)

St Alban's vs Selborne - rain stopped play

St Alban's 125                    (Richards 39; Warsop 20*)

Paul Roos vs St Andrew's - rain stopped play

Paul Roos 122/9                (Botha 37; Knowlden 4/29; Dugmore 3/33)

Rondebosch vs Union - rain stopped play

Rondebosch 171/2          (Brache 63*; Aidan Morris 55; Norris 36)

SACS vs Dale - rain stopped play

SACS 112/6                         (Behardien 44; Melville 20; McPherson 4/42)

Wynberg vs Grey - rain stopped play

Grey 159/4                          (Ackerman 39*; White 36; Heydenrych 34; Muller 2/46)

Sunday 27 September

Bishops  beat Dale by 82 runs (day/night - 45 overs)

Bishops 210/3                    (Golding 75; Hendricks 69*; Elkin 38)

Dale 128                               (Fassi 34; Mtembu 23; Crowson 3/14; Rosenberg 2/26)

Grey vs Union (40 overs) - rain stopped play

Union 149/9                       (Hobson 87; Herman 2/19; Pienaar 2/22)

Paul Roos vs St Alban's (45 overs) - rain stopped play

St Alban's 193                    (Gossyn 90; Richards 26; Erasmus 2/27; Marais 2/36))

Paul Roos 70/2                  (D Swanepoel 21)

Rondebosch and Queen's drew (declaration)

Queen's 148                       (Stanley 33; Brill 32; Clarke 32; Keulder 5/23; Rippon 3/40)

Rondebosch 121/4          (Rippon 48; Andrew Morris 35; Stanley 2/37)


SACS beat Selborne by 8 wickets (40 overs)

Selborne 104                     (Shean 47; Clarke 17; Brown 4/17; Wernars 2/14)

SACS 105/2                         (Levetan 40*; Wernars 23*)

Wynberg beat St Andrew's by 52 runs (45 overs)

Wynberg 207/6                 (Botha 76; Edmeades 44*; Christian 27; Dugmore 2/37)

St Andrew's 155               (Dugmore 50; Luttig 29; O'Mahony 24; Edmeades 3/6; Fortune 2/27; Muller 2/29; Mallie 2/34)

Monday 28 September

Bishops beat Selborne by 80 runs (50 overs)

Bishops 236/7                    (Hendricks 96; Elkin 63; Crowson 25; Killeen 3/38; Shean 2/41)

Selborne 156                     (Simetu 3/29; Hendricks 2/11; Rosenberg 2/36)


St Alban's beat Dale by 6 wickets (45 overs)

Dale 111                               (Fassi 30; Nqolo 24; Bunn 5/12)

St Alban's 112/4               (Bunn 60*; Tollet 33; McPherson 3/35)

Paul Roos beat Union by 6 wickets

Union 190                            (Kingwill 29; Hobson 28; Rubidge 20; Botha 3/19; Van der Merwe 3/28)

Paul Roos 191/4                (Gericke 74; Botha 58; Rubidge 2/29)

St Andrew's beat Rondebosch by 22 runs (45 overs)

St Andrew's 218/8           (Herold 52; Hoffman 50; Dugmore 40; Zeeman 3/39; Sutcliffe 2/27)

Rondebosch 196               (Aidan Morris 57; Keulder 44; Zeeman 31; Austin 3/18; Hoffman 3/33)

Grey beat SACS by 33 runs (50 overs)

Grey 227/7                          (White 96*; Ackerman 85; Wernars 4/47)

SACS 194                              (Behardien 79; Hornbuckle 41; Ackerman 6/35)

Wynberg beat Queen's by 4 wickets  (45 overs)

Queen's 99                         (Sandlana 30; Eales 23; Mallie 3/7;Fortune 3/14; Garder 3/27)

Wynberg 100/6                 (Kannemeyer 38; Stanley 3/20)

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