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Tuesday, 04 November 2014 12:42

Piley Rees Voted as the Best School Sports Arena 2014!

After a month long voting session that garnered more than 30 000 votes the visitors to SA Schools Sports voted for the BEST Sports Arena in South Africa. And the winner with more than 50% of the vote was the Piley Rees field at Bishops in the Western Cape.

 Piley Rees 1In what became a two horse race between the 2013 winners, The Rec at Queen’s College, the votes poured in to finally push Piley Rees into first place once the votes were counted.

It is perhaps fitting that Bishops, who was the first school in South Africa and in the southern hemisphere to start playing rugby, get recognised as having one of, if not the best sporting arena in school sports.

The main rugby field at Bishops, Piley Rees is the oldest rugby field in South Africa and beginning in 1892 hosted the annual Bishops vs SACS rugby match which is regarded as the oldest in Africa.

The Piley Rees Field is named for the legendary schoolmaster and rugby coach who had been a master at Bishops from 1922 to 1967. He died in 1975 and the field was named after him in 1983.

Donovan Murray from Bishops has done an amazing job with the field this year and many a regular would agree that Piley Rees has never looks so good.

Congrats to Bishops and Queen’s College for a great voting campaign and a big thank you to all those who nailed their colours to the mast to vote for their favourite sports arena!



Piley Rees


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