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Monday, 30 June 2014 15:20

Surfing: Crawford North Coast Surfing Champs!

KwaZulu-Natal boasts some of the best surfing in the world with magnificent coastal scenery and a high quality surf. Surfing has evolved into a very competitive sport and has earned Crawford College North Coast the title of the best surfing school in KwaZulu-Natal and South Africa since 2011.

saltysouls Teal

Crawford North Coast always had a large group of enthusiastic surfers who enjoy the sport. “The sport is rooted in our culture and is a way of life," says Brant Collins, the surfing manager for Crawford College North Coast.

Crawford’s surfers currently hold the Surfing South Africa (SSA) trophies for both the Best Provincial and National Schools teams. In addition to this, for the last four consecutive years they have represented KwaZulu-Natal Central, KwaZulu-Natal South Coast as well as Zululand surfing associations at the annual South African Surfing Championships. “We are proud of our surfers’ achievements. The reward is the result of a lot of hard work,” says André Loots, Principal of Crawford College North Coast.

This year is no different: the Crawfordian group has once again qualified as one of the top five schools for the KZN Schools Surfing League Championships that will take place during July 2014.

The individual results for the Crawford Surfing team include:

Teal Hogg: ( Image: Teal Hogg at Saltysouls)
  • KZN U17 A Team
  • SA Champion U17 2013
  • South African team member at The World Junior Championships in Ecuador 2014
  • South African Invitational team member 2014 – SA vs France International
  • 16th Place at the World Games 2014

Jade Mets:

  • KZN U17 A Team
  •  5th at SA Champs
  • Currently rated 4th  in U20 woman’s (2014)
  • SA Invitational team member 2014 – SA vs France International

Olivia Brand:

  • Southern KZN U17 A Team
  • Currently rated 5th in U20 woman’s (2014)
  • SA Invitational team member 2014 – SA vs France International

Wade Simkiss (Matric 2013):

  • KZN A team
  • KZN U20 Champion 2013
  • SA Invitational team member 2014 – SA vs France International

Callum Carlson

  • Zululand U15 A team
  •  12th SA Champs 2013

Kei Weyer

  • 12th Volcom Challenge 2013
  • SA Invitational team member 2014 – SA vs France International

On a more social aspect the Crawford North Coast Surfing Club is the biggest of any of the schools in the KZNSSL fielding 3 teams in the provincial league. Our surfing club has 25 surfers all of various levels that meet and surf regularly under the supervision of their coach, Mr Brant Collins, who himself is the current KZN Regional Champion. “We thank Mr Collins who as Surfing Manager has been instrumental in the growth of the sport and its consolidation into a competitive unit," says Loots.

This week, North Beach will play host to the 2A rated Pro Surf Tour event for Men, Women, Pro Junior Boys and Girls and U18, U16 and U14 divisions for boys and girls, but it will also host an Inter -schools surfing tournament for local school teams. The surfing forms part of the 2014 Durban July Extravaganza which will showcase all that Durban and surrounds can offer during the holiday season and Crawford College North Coast will be at the forefront cheering on the festivities.