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Thursday, 21 August 2014 15:28

The Good & Bad of Sports Parents!

If asked what makes a good sports program almost anyone who has played sport at virtually any level would be able to suggest a few key elements which contribute to the best environment for learning and for motivating the athlete.


Bad or Good Sports ParentsDoing a quick survey from around the country from school athletes on what they believe to be the best and worst environments for learning and training sports at school makes for some interesting reading:

The Good & The Bad Sports Programs

Coach Already Knows it All

Coach is a Lifelong Learner

Coach Centered

Athlete Empowered

My Way or the Highway

Athletes Think & Question

Athletes Learn to Follow

Athletes Learn to Lead

Success in Based on the Team Record

Success is How Many Athletes Keep Playing Next Season

Athletes Are Glad Practice isn't till Next Week

Athletes Can't Wait for Next Practice

Coach Always Circles the Mistakes

Coach Always Catches Them Doing it Right

I think those suggestions from a cross section of the school athletes are absolutely spot on and probably applies to a lot more than just sports. In fact it is a great road map to creating an effective learning environment.

So far so good then. But let’s start another project and see if we can come up with a similar road map for the single group of people who need it the most: Parents.

Here’s the idea, we want to ask you the visitors to to compile a similar list for parents: Call it: “ The Good & Bad of Parenting Styles.”

Would you be interested in offering us your ideas and suggestions on what makes an effective sports parent, and what doesn’t? Feel free to add however many you like; the only request is that you follow the above format. We’ll get it started....

  • Parent A: Focuses on wins and losses as the sole measure of success

Parent B: Focuses on long-term learning

  • Parent A: Feels more stress during a match than the player does

Parent B: Loves watching their child play

  • Parent A: Cheers when the opposing star player gets injured

Parent B: Claps when any player on either team gets up from being knocked down


What do you think? Can you help us get some more suggestions on What Makes a Good or Bad Sports Parent?

Please post your suggestions we look forward to seeing them!