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Friday, 20 January 2017 13:15

What Defines a Champion?

What defines a champion? Is it making the First Team? Provincial or National selection? Is a champion someone who wins, takes first place or gets the gold medal?

Some may say ‘yes’ to all of that but a champion cannot be defined purely on success. A champion is not someone who is better than anyone else. A champion is not someone who has billions of dollars. And a Champion is not someone who wins a gold metal or a trophy.

A champion is simply someone who became, and is, the best that he or she can be.

Each week on the playing fields of South Africa’s schools there are thousands of young champions putting on their kit, feeling the excitement and running onto the field to give their best. Whether they are playing for the First Team or for U14 “H” this is their moment to be your champion.

Until now only a few of these everyday sports champions have ever been seen, but we want to change that. We want to lift the lid on today’s champions with your help.

We are setting a target of seeing 1000 of these champions on the country’s biggest school sports page and are asking you to post a picture of #Mychampion in their playing kit right here on the SASchoolSports Facebook page.

The photos of these champions will be used in our next SASchoolSports Facebook Profile Picture for 2017.

It doesn’t matter what sport they playing or what team they are playing for as long as they qualify to be your champion we want to see them.

Please post the picture with the name of the Champion and include the hashtag #Mychampion .