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Wednesday, 11 September 2013 10:06

Rugby: KES Little Giants Unbeatable!

Rarely is there an article relating to any school boy team within any discipline under the age of 14. I mean so much changes from the time that kids get to that age, that a proper standard can never be evaluated or commented upon.


If one were to look closer, you could easily say that there are no key determining factors that will allow any one person to identify if a young individual will be a super star in the years to come, right? Wrong… If people were to look closer at the various factors or influences on many of the current world stars and more in particular the local Rugby scene, you would see that there are some factors that can influence these trends.

Sibling rivalry, The Williams Sisters and Ebersohn brothers are perfect examples here, the mere fact that you have a sibling that can push twenty four seven and keep you on your toes, will ensure constant growth and skill improvements. Other such factors that can be related to this are aspects such as chosen school. A more competitive, higher sports school, will always produce better sportsman and women for tomorrow, and this also brings me to the point of having enough quality competition both within school and opposition to ensure that these individuals are constantly being challenged and growing accordingly. Competitive spirit is also very important, these kids need to be competitive in a healthy way, always wanting to improve and better themselves, thus pushing those around them and bettering others in an indirect way. My last factor here would be familiarity. We see this with partnerships that have been around a long time, i.e. The Barcelona Team and even the All Black pair of Nonu and Conrad Smith. The longer these individuals play together, the more they get used to each other and the more they become harder to beat.

This now brings me to my point, in 2021, if KES were to play it’s cards right, we may see the result of the these factors come together in one group of boys. The current u10 group at KEPS have been identified and spoken about again and again. These boys, in Grade 4 this year, have been together since Grade 1, and the various teachers from both the primary school and high school have commented on how rare it is to get such a large number of boys that are not only very strong leaders and great sportsmen, but also get along socially and practically live together. The boys I refer to are not brothers, yet if you were to ask them that, they would tell you they are related in every way and no one would be the wiser. These boys compete in Swimming, Cricket, Soccer, Athletics and hold various accolades, but the one that comes to the surface now, is Rugby. This season, this little team have smashed every opposition that they have played. Scoring nothing under 35 points and on more than one occasion, going over the 100 mark. Leaving opposition parents on multiple occasions thinking what just happened. Big deal most would say, so they are a good school side, so what? Well that is the interesting point. These little giants also play for Pirates Rugby Club in Greenside and this year have embarked on a journey which saw them beat sides from Pretoria and Durban that have never seen a defeat since inception as under 6 teams. Their tour to KZN saw them take 6 wins from 6 games and thus is their strength and depth that the B side that remained in Johannesburg went on to win a local tournament playing against A sides. They have won every club fixture this year, sitting on a 14 wins from 14 games record and smashing opponents from Alberton and Roodepoort – two very large and strong Rugby Clubs.

Thus is the culture and camaraderie amongst these boys that two boys from the club team have come and joined KEPS…later this year, another three will apply and if accepted will only add to this incredible age group’s strength and dominance. One high school coach/teacher was overheard saying that only once or twice in the school’s proud history have they seen a group so strong, the only difference was that there were only about three or four boys in those groups…this little group? Well, that is the interesting part, there are twelve of them, and growing.

It will be very interesting to see how this pans out and if kept together what a potential KES 1st XV could look like in 2021…as parents/coaches/teachers and fans, we watch with great enthusiasm.


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