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Thursday, 07 May 2009 08:42

Glenwood Placed 3rd at World Rugby Tournament

    There can only be a few words to describe the Glenwood boys as they took on the 20 best school rugby teams in the world. Awesome, Courageous, determined, passGlenwoodionate, committed and again Awesome. We were pretty devastated after the semis loss and the boys wanted to make sure that we take something back home for everyone to be proud of. De La Salle College are the NZ champions and are a great team, you only need to look at the scores throughout the tournament to know that. The y have a massive pack that is mobile and are complimented by fast quick footed backs that like to attack the line.

Our first 20 minutes today must surely have been some of the best school boy defence that I have witnessed.De La Salle attacked wave after wave with strong runners and fringe attacks and every time the Glenwood boys tackled them back, we were starved of ball for all of that time but the solid defence set the tone for the rest of the game as the kiwis got tired and started showing signs of fatigue. That's when we scored our first try of the game in the last few minutes of the first half when Etienne Beneke powered over from the base of the ruck, Fred Zeilinga converted and we were on the scoreboard. Zeilinga followed shortly with a 48m penalty against a steady headwind, the confidence of the team started to show as the boys dominated set pieces and general play. Half time score was 10-5 to Glenwood.
Today was a tough day for everyone and it was heartbreaking to say the least when we lost the semis against France. We had done a thorough preparation on how to avoid the strengths of the French and for some reason we played away from all of our strengths...

It was as expected a very physical game and the French threw everything into their defence, we broke their line several times but then for some odd reason tried to offload passes when they weren't there to pass. All the forward momentum was halted and the French kicked themselves out of trouble and we had to start all over again. John Roy Jenkinson scored a try just before half time to take the score to 10-3 which included a penalty and conversion from Fred Zeilinga.

 We started the second half extremely well with a massive run from Francois Kleinhans only to be spoilt by another attempted 50/50 pass right on the try line. The fact that we tried to throw passes at the wrong time was the reason for our loss, if we had more patience I think we would be in a final playing for the cup tomorrow. The French collected one of our bad kicks, and after another tackle situation, chipped it over our back line, bounced out of our hands into a French chaser and they scored under the poles...that tied the scores up at 10-10 all with 5 minutes to go in the game. The French continued to try and get under our skins and attempted to buy every penalty they could in our 22m area with "soccer dives" faking foul play etc...

In the final minute of the game a kick that went out was judged to have landed inside the  field of play and our boys stopped playing but the French didn't, gathered the ball and scored under the poles...try was awarded and we were out of the cup, final score 10-17; France.
The final was won by the French after they intercepted two passes from the Japanese team in less than 3 minutes apart to win the cup by 38-30. It was hard to watch them receive the cup as we knew we could have done it, but the team has made peace with the results and now looks forward to having a big domestic season!

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