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Thursday, 28 November 2013 14:46

Rugby: Clifton's Rap Against Steriods Takes Top Prize!

A group of enterprising grade eleven pupils from Clifton College walked away with the top honours in a novel schools anti-steroids campaign run by Discovery SharkSmart, producing a catchy rap video that addressed the effects of steroid abuse in a creative and contemporary manner.

The video entitled “The Bigger they Are” was produced by members of Clifton College’s Film Academy, under the supervision of English masters and popular rapper Ian “Ewok” Robinson.

“We encouraged students to provide an adolescent’s perspective on the use and abuse of anabolic steroids in the written or spoken word in the form of an essay, poem, video production, flash presentation or poster,” said Pippa Rowe, manager of the Discovery Sharks Schools of Excellence programme.

“The Clifton video crafted a spoken word piece and then set about filming it and putting it into to music thus making the whole production “Clifton Born and Bred” and richly deserved the R10,000 prize that we presented to Clifton College,” Rowe added.

With an increase in anabolic steroid use amongst high school pupils the Discovery SharkSmart initiative asked the pupils to express themselves and increase the awareness of the dangers of steroid use.

The competition was open to all 21 schools affiliated to the programme, with the Clifton College entry winning the nod of all the judges.

The schools Discovery SharkSmart Champion Paul McKay realises the importance of tasks like this and how influential it has been in educating the boys as well as helping them influence others about the effects and risks associated with steroid use.

“Steroids are a big topic at the moment with schools putting a lot of time and effort into educating the guys about the dangers of steroid abuse,” McKay said. “There is also the realisation that testing is a reality so boys are quite conscious about what they "use" to aid them in their preparation for rugby or just to look good.

“The message sent out in our video is quite simple and very clear and I am chuffed that the boys did well enough to win. They certainly did a lot of work to get it right,” stated McKay proudly.

The competition was a hit with the boys at Clifton and McKay understands that something like this should be used as long as parameters are set and the boys know what the ultimate message must be.

“I think the competition is great provided we give them the necessary scope to prepare something that tells a story or sends a strong message.

“I and the boys look forward to what the programme brings in 2014!” mentioned McKay enthusiastically.

According to the blurb on their YouTube channel (CliftonFilmAcademy) their ‘The Bigger they are the Harder they Fall’ video was created by “a group of Grade 11 boys from Clifton College who decided to enter the Discovery SharkSmart Schools Anabolic Steroids Competition. Under the supervision of English teacher, Iain "Ewok" Robinson, they crafted a spoken word piece and then set about filming it and putting it to music. The whole thing is Clifton born-and-bred.”

Social issues were raised in the video as well as many other issues that arise through the use of banned substances like the physical effects that these substances have and the emotional and psychological damage that they can cause in the short as well as the long term.

The Clifton Film Academy:
The Lyrics: Aviwe Poswa, Leonard Marques, Oliver Druce, Dein O'Toole, Iain "Ewok" Robinson.
The Video: Director: Iain "Ewok" Robinson Beatboxing: Kenton Parton Spoken bits: Aviwe Poswa, Leonardo Marques, Oliver Druce, Dein O'Toole, Music: Jarred Marques Cinematography: Jake Lenferna Sound technician: Sean Mitchell Editing: Chris O'Flaherty, Donovan Fletcher.


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