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Friday, 19 June 2009 13:29

Triple Crown Beckons for Wynberg

It is surely safe to say that Wynberg has had a season to remember, claiming scalps against sides as big as Bishops and Paarl Gym, but there is something for a Cape Town school that will add so much more to the respective school's season.Ever since it emerged many moons ago that there are four top rugby playing school's in Cape Town, namely SACS, Wynberg Boys, Rondebosch Boys and Bishops, competition has been rife for one of the schools to claim a victory against the other. Over the years two derby's within the “Big Four” have emerged as massive games; SACS vs Wynberg and Rondebosch vs Bishops, yet an even greater honour is to claim a Triple Crown, that is for one team to beat all the other three.


The honour of this achievement has increased tenfold over the recent past, most probably with the publicity given to the Triple Crown which the Home Nations of Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales compete for in the Six Nations. Although no official trophy is competed for amongst the schools, contrary to the Six Nations, the bragging rights attached to the honour have floated across the seas as far as Old Boys in even the remotest locations in the world, not even daring to mention the chaotic scenes that would be experienced at the school involved. Add to this the rarity of such an honour, since no matter what kind of season any of the schools have had, one can be guaranteed an incredibly intense match when they face off against each other. Maybe its the perfect opportunity for a long debated school's rugby trophy to be introduced into the Cape. For now, however, one of the Big Four stand upon the brink of the ultimate bragging rights as Wynberg face off against their ultimate foes, the South African College School better known as SACS, in an age old battle


The odd thing about schools is we like being old. We brag about being old. There is a certain prestige associated with knowing that you are a special part of a family that has given rise to generations upon generations, that traditions that are still practised today have been built up over a century. It gives one an identity, and us boys tend to protect that identity to the hilt. This battle of age is more intense in one game more than any other in most parts. Where the schools are literally plastered with sayings such as, “Second to SACS only in age.” Its the match between the two oldest schools in the country, which sends both schools into an absolute frenzy and a complete standstill, even with important Test Matches taking a back seat while history plays itself out on a school field with 30 players chasing an oval ball around.

Its something that someone who has not been involved in a match of this type will unfortunately never understand. SACS is the oldest school in the country established in 1829, while Wynberg is the second oldest having being established in 1841. Those 12 years may appear insignificant to a stranger, but to the schools its every drop of sweat, blood and tears that either affirms the historic seniority or ekes out revenge for the seemingly unfair age gap.

It is said that back in the days when these matches were broadcast live on national television (3 years ago in 2006 last for those of us with sketchy memories) a match occurred in which Wynberg beat SACS 42-0 (with a string of critical interceptions) in front of a television audience of millions watching this curtain raiser to the Springboks vs All Blacks test, which caused incredible depression amongst the SACS faithful in the weeks to follow. This disgust continued for ages with the following year's match billed as the “Ultimate Revenge” match, and which incidentally turned out to be exactly that. This match has had so much effect on all SACS boys regardless of age that it has become an adjective in WP Club Rugby, where old SACS boys and now many others including innocent Kearsney boys are constantly referring to intercept tries as “Wynbergs”.


Such is the incredible aura surrounding this fixture, yet at least after the final whistle we'll all be donning our Green and Gold and backing the same team in unison, Go the Boks! That is until the losing team returns to school on Monday!