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Thursday, 13 March 2014 15:20

Swimming: Westville Undefeated in 7 Years!

Westville continued to stamp their supremacy in boys’ high school swimming in South Africa by winning the final gala of the season –the Durban and Districts A League Championship on Thursday night.

 Westville Boy's High Champion Swimming TeamThe Highways swimming giants have not lost a gala anywhere in the country since March 2007. They have now gone a record 56 galas without defeat.

As things stand, apart from local friendly galas they have won the following high profile galas for seven years in row:

The Alan Burt Interprovincial Gala( This gala includes the top 5 schools from Gauteng and top 5 from KZN)

The WBHS Interprovincial Gala(This gala pits the top KZN schools against top schools from other provinces including Free State giants Grey College)

The KZN TOP 8 Gala

The Durban and Districts Boys’ A League Gala. 

Last Thursday if truth be told , the reigning Champions were a little apprehensive in the  build up to the D +D gala. Although they had continued their unbeaten run for the seventh consecutive year, a number of schools both in KZN and from  around country had made inroads into Westville’s supremacy and the Highways swimmers had  been forced to work very hard for every race that they won in each gala this year. Grey College had given Westville a run for their money in most races at the WBHS Interprovincial gala and St David’s from Gauteng also had  an unsettling effect at that gala by winning two races.

Certain KZN schools like Glenwood have become very intent on toppling the Champions and Clifton had progressed way beyond just being a nuisance factor.

The first two  races at the   D+D gala did not start well for the defending Champions who lost the under 14 freestyle to Glenwood and the under 15 event to Kearsney. After these two setbacks they settled down and won the other three freestyle races.

Westville’s swimmers are weakest at breast-stroke and although they won the under 14 event they were out swum in 3 of the 5  races.

The Backstroke has always been a very successful stroke for them but after winning the under 14 event, they were disqualified in the under 15 race. The disqualification seemed to galvanise the team and from that point onwards they did not set a foot wrong. They won the three remaining backstroke age group races, all five Butterfly races, all five Medley events and the final race, the 5 age freestyle ladder relay—14 races in a row! Their final tally for the evening was 20 wins out of 26 races.

At the end of a most exciting evening, Westville still reigned supreme and although the scoreboard showed a large points gap between Westville and runners up Glenwood and Clifton, the reality was that the champions were forced to work very hard by the rival schools for every race won.

Special mention must be made of Westville’s B which has earned the right to swim in the A League gala. These swimmers put on an excellent performance and in some events managed to finish in the top 3. They were rewarded for their efforts by finishing 5th overall and ahead of the A teams from DHS and Northwood.

2015 promises to be a most exciting year for KZN boys’ high school swimming as  Glenwood are investing a lot of time and effort in their swimming programme and they have made it clear that they would dearly like to topple the champions.

  1. 1.     WBHS A – 220
  2. 2.     Glenwood A – 178
  3. 3.     Clifton – 176
  4. 4.     Kearsney – 165
  5. 5.     WBHS B – 113
  6. 6.     DHS – 112
  7. 7.     Northwood - 100
  8. 8.     Glenwood B – 68

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