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Thursday, 17 February 2011 11:08

Rhenish Girls' High Swimmers Get Double Hat Trick!


Last night Rhenish Girls’ High School took the trophy for the sixth year running at the A-League Boy/Girl Gala in Newlands, officially making them the Best Swimming School in the Western Cape Province.

Beating not only 8 other girls’ schools, the Rhenish swimmers shot ahead of the boys’ scores too. With a points score of 238 for Rhenish in first place and 2nd place - Herschel - with 214, Rhenish won by 24 points, making it the best score difference between 1st & 2nd place of the past 20 years!


Girls’ Schools Boys:

1. Rhenish 238 points                          1. Rondebosch 232 points

2. Herschel 214                                      2. Paul Roos 193

3. Springfield 167                                  3. Wynberg 184

4. Rustenberg 163                                4. SACS 180

The Rhenish Swimming Team won all of their relay races, in the end coming first in 15 of their 19 races for the day. “They pushed themselves hard, determined to win” says Ms Henery, Rhenish Sports co-ordinator, “despite not being able to use the broken starting block in their last six races”.

"What an excellent result" says Ms Helmien Slabber, Principal of Rhenish Girls' High School "and a wonderful way for me to begin my term here at Rhenish. We are proud to be making a mark not only for Rhenish out there, but also for the Boland - our girls are going places!"


The Rhenish Swimming Team



Front row from left - right: Cathrine Simpson, Cailtin Kat

In the Middle with the banner (l-r): Louise Currie, Ashley Rutherford, Caitlin Sleet, Tia Dixon, Aniska Visser, Alexandra Quenet, Ms Karina Gerber (Swimming Coach).

Back row: Ms Sam Henery (Rhenish Sports Co-ordinator), Michelle Nieuwstad, Carlé Ferreira, Hilde Herman, Kelsey Jenkinson, Lara du Plessis, Tessa De Villiers, Riki van Niekerk.


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