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While Maritzburg College and Affies Interschools only started in 1996, this has become one of the most eagerly-awaited matches in the schoolboy rugby calendar given the rich rugby history and heritage of both schools.

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MARITZBURG College first XI coach Mike Bechet celebrated his 500th match in charge of the team when College played Grey College earlier this season.

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Wednesday, 05 October 2011 08:43

Cricket: Gauteng Schools Dominate Final Day

Gauteng schools dominate Oppenheimer Week’s final day

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Wednesday, 31 August 2011 09:24

The State of SA Schoolboy Hockey

CATCHING up with Mike Bechet  is always going to be enlightening and I took the opportunity to probe the hockey brain of one of school hockey's most successful coaches about schoolboy hockey.  

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The ninth tournament of the @lantic 7's series moved to Glenwood High in Durban  last Saturday, 20 August 2011. The first match kicked-off at 08:30 with the Cup final being played at 16:00 and from the start is was a hotly contested tournament.

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Tuesday, 02 August 2011 11:03

De Kock & Savage Warming Up English Weather

In what has been at times some pretty poor weather for cricket the SA U19 team has enjoyed a great tour so far and several players have shown some great potential. Two of these players are Quinton de Kock and Calvin Savage.

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A treat for Martizburg College fans! A video of this years 2011 Reunion Day v Glenwood

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Friday, 17 June 2011 12:44

Grant Glutz: Goal Scoring Machine

Grant Glutz: Goalscoring Machine

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This Saturday one of the most distinguished schools in KwaZulu-Natal celebrate their Reunion Day in what promises to be a grand event. Glenwood High School will be their guests but expect some bitterly contested matches on the rugby and hockey fields as the Green Machine look to spoil the party.

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THERE we were, warming up alongside the powerful Michaelhouse's first team's pristine grass hockey field.

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Maritzburg College took another step forward in their quest to get back amongst the Top 10 teams with an impressive win against Pretoria Boys High School.

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The newly appointed administrator of rugby at Maritzburg College, Steve Botha, is not one to sidestep potentially explosive questions.For one, he uses a simple but effective analogy to put to bed the notion that parents and teachers put too much pressure on schoolboy rugby players to win at all costs.

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THE signs are already there that Maritzburg College and KwaZulu-Natal Inland schoolboy fast bowler Daryn Dupavillon has the talent, aptitude and big-match temperament to go all the way in the game."He is a Daryn_Dupavillonright-arm quick bowler with enormous potential," says College first team coach and SA U19 selector Mike Bechet.

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Wednesday, 24 November 2010 14:56

Jason Klaasen- Maritzburg College's Opensider

"This kid has got it", "This kid is going places", "He's the real deal". I had heard so much about young Jason Klaasen that it surely must have been pure hyperbole; exaggeration from excitable coaches and school Jason_-_Copyrugby pundits who tend to jump at the first sign of a standout talent. For once, it seems the rumors were true.

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Monday, 08 November 2010 08:00

Calvin Savage- College Speedster!

Sports clubs the world over are littered with the tales of former schoolboy sporting prodigies who never quite made the grade. 'Sure things' who were going all the way, until the responsibilities of life and the emergence of their own limitations came to the fore. These savageymen often sit at the corner of the bar as their colleagues reminisce of a time when they reigned supreme. This is not such a story; it can't be.

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Monday, 30 August 2010 13:11

Soccer: Westville Beat College!

Westville Boys' High 1st XI put on a very confident and motivated team performance against Maritzburg College in front of a home crowd on Saturday. Star player Mayibuye Mthembu and Captain Chad Petterson were back from injury to bolster the strength of the WBHS side.

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Sunday, 06 June 2010 15:54

Glenwood Humbled By College!

It was the one match that KZN had been anticipating the entire season, the modern powerhouse Glenwood against Maritzburg College who have long been viewed as the province's premier sports school. The truth is thatJacobs College have been forced to bend the knee to Glenwood in recent times and the neutral would have expected more of the same in the 2010 edition of this epic match. How wrong we were.

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Glenwood and Maritzburg College has habitually always been a closely challenged match, and today proved no different. It was a massively physical encounter and both teams displaying a solid resistance and good defense.

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Sunday, 04 April 2010 00:49

Skonk Nicholson Festival Day 3

Results of the Skonk Nicholson Festival held at Maritzburg College on Day 3.

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Wednesday, 02 September 2009 07:22

Dean Pengelly- College Cricket Captain

With the cricket season about to start we will be giving our full attention to the sport and profiling the various players and coaches from the top cricketing schools. To start this off we take a look at the Maritzburg College all rounder Dean Pengelly and hear from the man himself as to what direction he would like to see his team heading and his goals for playing the sport after school.

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Friday, 10 July 2009 10:40

Kevin Pietersen Exclusive Interview

Maritzburg College has positioned itself at the top rung of school sports in KwaZulu-Natal for decades and continues to provide sportsmen of the highest caliber. Old Collegians such as Rugby World Cup winners Joel Stransky and Butch James along with Protea's cricketer Jonty Rhodes have written their names indelibly in the sporting history of South Africa.It is however a player in the England cricket team, Kevin Pietersen which enjoys more limelight than any other Maritzburg College Old Boy at present. His devastating displays with the bat helped England regain the Ashes and he has inspired thousands of young players all over the United Kingdom and the world. As a young boy himself growing up in South Africa Kevin lived and breathed sport in general and cricket in particular as he explained when SA School Sports caught up with him in this exclusive chat before he faced the Aussies in the Ashes this year.

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Sunday, 28 June 2009 10:47

Maritzburg College Rugby

It will always be a topic that causes a hot debate - who is the strongest Rugby school in KZN, or the country for that matter.  These days, its far more difficult to ascertain with the additional matches being played.  If pure tradition and sustained quality were the measure, few would disagree that Maritzburg College has proved itself to be one of the foremost rugby playing schools in KwaZulu-Natal for more than a century.

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Wednesday, 24 June 2009 22:03

Thuthuka Goba- Hockey Keeper

Six KZN boy's were recently selected for the South African U18 Hockey Team at the interprovincial tournament held at the AB Jackson GreenFields Turf in Pietermaritzburg. Captain of the KZN Coastals, Greg Last and Thuthuka Goba of Midlands talk about their achievements, how they have been able to succeed in the sport and what got them started.

What got you started in hockey Thuthuka?

Well I played cricket at primary school but when I arrived at Maritzburg College I was suddenly exposed to more boys competing for places in the teams and more sports. So I tried a bit of basketball but I was still just trying to find my place. By the time the second term arrived I was playing hockey but I was an infield player playing sweeper and I was trialling out for the "E" and "D" team. However there was a shortage of goalkeepers at that time and I went for that position because I felt I was good with my feet and I can kick the ball. That year I made Midlands U14 B and amazingly the next year I made the Maritzburg U16 A side as well as Midlands U16 and SA U16 side. This year has been amazing too because I have been selected for the SA U18 side.


Have all these successes in hockey come as a surprise to you?

Well, I was surprised when I made SA U16, when I made that team I realised that I was good enough to play this sport at a high level. I told myself that if I can make it when I was underage what prevents me been selected when I am playing in my age group and I would have been quite upset with myself if I did not make the SA U18 team. I really was working hard to get selected.

You talk about working hard at the game, just how much of work goes into your game?

Well what I enjoy as a goalkeeper is that it is not as intense as all the outfield players training. It is more a mind thing; you have got to get into your own zone as a keeper and stay calm and collected. Everyone else has to worry about their fitness and stick work but for me I must look at my technique and keep my reflexes sharp. You have got to have a good eye for the ball, a lot of the situations in the game require you to save a goal that normally you wouldn't save but because your reflexes are well trained you are able to pull off a save somehow. So during training I get tennis balls fired at me at great speed which helps in this area.

If I didn't talk to my players I would be a lazy couch potato


It is very noticeable whilst you are playing that you are very vocal at the back shouting out instructions to your defenders. Does this help the team?

If you can control your defenders then everything is more organised and you don't as a keeper have to worry about balls coming from different directions. I feel a lot more comfortable when everyone is doing exactly what I am telling them because then I don't have to do so much work. Talking to the players also helps me to stay focused and to be a lot more organised. For example if there is no marking in the midfield then my defenders are in disarray and they take the men I am supposed to be marking and it just leads to confusion. So by continuously talking to the guys it is going to keep the defence orderly and composed. If I don't talk I am just a lazy couch potato at the back so by talking to my players during the game I feel in control I feel so much more confident and it keeps me in the game constantly.

Maritzburg College is synonymous with hockey, has this helped you in your development?

Well to be honest if I never came to College I would have never played hockey and would have just stuck to basketball and soccer. Here at College they take pride in everything they do, many people think College is a rugby school but if you are playing hockey you get that feeling that your sport is also very special and that they care about what you are doing.


Does the coaching at Maritzburg College make a difference?

The coaches here are awesome. I remember my U14 coach was really concerned about our fitness and gave me that belief that we can win games and winning is so important. When I lost my first game in U16 after I don't know how many games it was a terrifying experience really. There are different coaching methods as you progress and the game gets more demanding. When you jump to Mr. Bechet's level it is something totally different. He is a "unity" type of coach, " listen to me, you do what I do and you will win..." He has all the angles covered and his coaching really works. It really is a privilege to play for College.


Don't be scared to try something new in sport


What about a future, is hockey something that could be a career?

No not really. There is no money in the game in South Africa. A couple of guys who I have spoken to who play professionally only get paid about R10 per hour which is not enough to live on really. However the London 2012 Olympics is a goal that I would like to consider if South Africa can qualify. I will probably still keep on playing in University after school.


Any advice for a youngster wanting to achieve what you have?

I would tell them not to be scared to try something new, because honestly I never thought I would be where I am right now. A lot of my friends, being a black guy playing hockey, were very negative about it, but you must do what you want to do and you will go places.


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Having coached 47 South African U18 hockey players and another 11 South African Men's Hockey players as well as being involved in coaching cricketing stars Jonty Rhodes and Kevin Pietersen, Maritzburg College have in Mike Bechet a Director of Sport who has a passion for his school and the sports which he has seen its boys play for more than 27 years. We caught up with the man behind Maritzburg College's sporting success.

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Wednesday, 24 June 2009 20:40

Maritzburg College- Hockey MIC

Having produced 24 international hockey players, six who have represented South Africa at the Olympic Games and a staggering 44 SA Schools Under 18 players, Maritzburg College is recognized as one of the premier schools in the sport of hockey. In the last 2 years College were able to produce an 80.3% win record across all their teams results from the 1st XI down to the 14F team.It is a record to be proud of and one which sees College players striving to maintain and improve upon year in and year out. Brandon Swart is the Master in Charge of the sport at College and he shared his views as to why Maritzburg College remain so dominant in hockey.

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