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Monday, 11 February 2013 09:52

Water Polo: Grey High Fight for Van Staden Trophy


PearsonAfter an absence of a year, the Van Staden’s cup was back in full flight with 10 teams entering from around the Eastern Cape. Among the teams were the top ranked sides from Grey High School, Pearson and Kingswood College. After two days of exciting and competitive water polo which produced some stunning play, there were only two teams remaining, Grey High and Pearson.

The First Teams of Pearson and Grey had played near flawless water polo during the tournament and it promised to be a memorable final between two powerful teams. Grey High, who are ranked 3rd in South Africa) had their reputation on the line as they faced a courageous Pearson side who had match after match punched above their weight.

At the end it would be Grey High that would prevail winning the final and the Van Staden’s Cup 8-0. Congratulations to Grey for their outstanding play. Credit must also go to Pearson for hosting the tournament and also for the way they played showing that they have grown into one of the strongest teams in the Eastern Cape after securing wins against Graeme College 11-0, Woodridge 7-1, Selborne College 4-2 and Grey 2nds 2-0.

Tournament Results:

Friday 8 February
White Cap VS Blue Cap Results
Pearson 1st VS Graeme 11-0
Grey 1st VS Alex 9-0
Kingswood VS Grey 2nds 3-3
Port Rex VS Pearson 2nds 3-3
Pearson 1st VS Woodridge 7-1
Grey 1st VS Selborne 10-0
Kingswood VS Graeme 10-0
Alex VS Pearson 2nds 6-1
Pearson 1st VS Grey 2nds 2-0
Selborne VS Port Rex 3-1
Kingswood VS Woodridge 8-0
Grey 1st VS Pearson 2nds 8-2
Grey 2nds VS Graeme 10-1
Alex VS Selborne 4-7
Saturday 9 February
White Cap VS Blue Cap Results
Grey 1st VS Port Rex 7-0
Woodridge VS Graeme 5-0
Selborne VS Pearson 2nds 3-0
Pearson 1st VS Kingswood 2-2
Port Rex VS Alex 1-3
Woodridge VS Grey 2nds 1-5
Semi 1 (Pool A 1st) Grey 1st VS Semi (Pool B 2nd) Kingswood 6-3
Semi 2 (Pool B 1st) Pearson 1st VS Semi (Pool A 2nd) Selborne 4-2
5th Pool A Pearson 2nds VS 5th Pool B Graeme 9th/10th 3-0
4th Pool A Port Rex VS 4th Pool B Woodridge 7th/8th 8-0
3rd Pool A Alexander VS 3rd Pool B Grey 2nds 5th/6th 1-4
Loser semi 1 Kingswood VS Loser semi 2 Selbrone 3rd/4th 7-1
Winner semi 1 Grey 1st VS Winner semi 2 Pearson 1st 1st/2nd 8-0

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